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The idea

Ferrulle was born in 2013 with the aim of creating a

brand that is not just a "name", but a concept capable of

communicating the values ​​on which it is based: design,

quality and sustainability.

Ferrulle is aimed at those who want to

express their personality also through

the simple conscious choice of a



Walking is inspiration

Every idea comes from a long walk.

Continuous research is based on movement, observation and knowledge. Each step brings

me closer to defining the next creation.

Style, design, colors

The main influence comes from the urban style, using clean lines, geometries and strong color details.

After the design phase, I select the best materials to be able to

create the models by trying out the possible combinations.


What we do and how

Ferrulle sneakers are produced in Turkey by

artisan companies that pass down the

knowledge from generation to generation. Each

pair is made individually and undergoes all the

necessary steps to obtain a high quality product.



Our sneakers are made with top quality

materials in stock at the various tanneries

and textile companies in order to reduce

their eventual disposal.

Made in Turkey

Ferrulle shoes are entirely cut and assembled in Turkey. The whole process is carried out by craftsmen with many years of experience who perform several steps by hand to ensure excellent workmanship for the products.

Limited Editions

Using recumbent materials, each model is made in color variants that have limited availability. This choice allows us to give even more value to our products and strengthens their distinctive character.


My path

After studying at the Academy of Fashion in Naples, my journey began in 2006 with the Ittierre group, where I collaborated in the development of the accessory collections with brands such as Versace, John Galliano and Gianfranco Ferrè.  Flown to London for a personal life experience, I decide after a couple of years to return to Italy to start a project that could contain a value. So it all started.

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